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ABSS Brands

Below is a list of our product brands, and a short description of their services

Server in a Box – Enterprise Cloud-Based Desktop and Server Solutions

ClearView – Proactive [Managed] IT and Live 24×7 Monitoring

ClearVoice – Hosted PBX

ClearMail – Enterprise Message Security

Backed by industry leading technology, ClearMail is an effective, low cost alternative to onsite message security appliances. Our Cloud-Based message service combines industry proven technology, with rock solid availability. ClearMail includes Embedded Message Scanning, Reputation Based Filtering, Inbound and Outbound Smart Host, Store and Forward, Real-Time Reporting, Alias Users and Domains, and an intuitive administration console. ClearMail prices start at $2.00 per mailbox, with no minimum user count.

ClearWeb – Reputation-Based Content Filter

Enterprise web filtering for your organization deployed either as an onsite appliance or a cloud service. Designed for organizations from 10-1000 users, ClearWeb is a scalable and solid service. Content filtering is available via categories, or embedded domain lists. Block access to infected websites including those known to distribute malware and adware. Weekly reporting is available via email, highlighting traffic activities including blocked sites, blocked categories, top offenders, and top hits

CloudDrive – Enterprise Online File Exchange