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Online Backup with ABSS DataVault

You know the importance of keeping your data safe, so do we. ABSS has developed a rugged, secure, and simple to use online backup software that we named DataVault. Backed by industry leading technology, DataVault is an enterprise level online backup software agent that protects your business critical data on a daily basis. With scalable plans starting at 5GB and up to 2TB, DataVault has a subscription that is tailored for your business.

DataVault vs Traditional Providers

Most traditional providers will only allow you options to backup your business data to their “cloud”, or locations such as Amazon and other public clouds. With ABSS DataVault your data resides on our servers in our secured SAS70 certified datacenter.

Automated Daily Backups with reporting

Simply select the data you wish to backup, and our agent does the rest. Our software starts backups automatically during the time frame you specify. You receive daily reports indicating the status of your backups. Set policies in the client to limit the backup window to certain hours, or limit the bandwidth that DataVault can use to transfer your data, no impact to your network performance.

Military Grade Encryption

ABSS DataVault offers encryption methods including: 3DES, AES256-Bit, and Blowfish. Encryption keys are stored on your server, and your data is encrypted before being transferred to our servers over a secured SSL tunnel.

Seed Backup

When you sign up, we’ll deliver or ship you an ABSS seed hard drive, simply connect this hard drive to your server. Our software will transfer your initial backup to the hard drive, when it is finished ship the hard drive back to us. We will transfer your data in the background to your account and your next backup will only include the changes to your data.

Local Backup Copy

DataVault allows you to keep a copy of your data backups locally on either network storage or a connected hard drive. Store snapshots of your server’s data for quick retrieval. When restoring data you have options of restoring from local backup, ABSS servers, or choose to have ABSS send you a hard drive with your data for an additional fee.

Granular file restore and versioning

Search and restore files quickly from the interface, selections allow you to queue multiple data sets to restore to original or alternative locations. Your data is backed up with versioning support for up to 90 days of retention. Duplicate files without changed data are not backed up multiple times, saving you space and bandwidth.

Daily checks by a real person

Most importantly, the health of the backups are monitored daily by an ABSS employee, we will alert you if your data is not protected and work with you to resolve any issues. Phone and email support for backups, restores and questions about the software is included at no additional charge.

For more information, call us today at (866) 479-6200