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Network Security Auditing

If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll likely agree that people will try to hack your network, you know, just because. They’ll write programs that target indiscriminately. They’ll set up scripts that tirelessly chip away at your passwords.One day they’ll get through and your data will be compromised. If you have nothing to hide, intrusions are still disasters waiting to happen. If you have something to hide, like customer data, intrusions are lawsuits waiting to happen.

Hardware Firewalls

Keep malicious content from entering or leaving your network. Once it gets in, it often takes hold and starts sending sensitive material out. If you’ve got anything worth protecting, running without security has a horrible risk/reward ratio. You are risking everything for a reward of nothing. Turn the tables with one easy step. Add a hardware firewall and lock down your data. Change the ratio so you can risk nothing to keep everything.

Patch Management

Patch management can be tiresome, patches take up space on your servers and workstations, let us distribute these updates to your servers and workstations.

Updating operating systems, virus protection, and software on one machine is mildly time- consuming at best. If you’ve got 342 machines, it’s certainly too much for one person to maintain all of them. It’s probably too much to expect even 342 people to maintain one machine a piece.Avoiding lost time by simply not having it often costs more money than it saves. Patches, especially those for operating systems and virus protection, are written to solve security issues. Since some people are constantly finding new ways to break in to your network, other people are constantly working to keep those intruders out. Their work is distributed as a patch.

Vulnerability Testing and Assessment

Threats come from outside and inside your network. Even if you have a firewall and patch management in place, you are constantly visible to intruders. They may not be able to get in at this moment, but they’re always looking toward the next. This means it’s good practice to test your security at regular intervals. Firewalls only work as well as they’re configured. That configuration must be updated to keep up with emerging threats. One update might be a simple change to one setting. But if your administrator allows incomplete updates to stack up, they’ll end up with a complicated task in a short period of time. If that administrator is replaced and leaves no documentation, the new person may not even know where to start.

Inside threats are different. They often get placed when someone finds a way to get them through the firewall. Malicious software can sit dormant for days or months and then activate on command. The key to preventing an outbreak throughout the network, or even a little data stream from heading out into the world, is containment. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to spot dormant threats (they are often stealthy by design). Fortunately, our tests confirm that when they become active, they won’t be allowed to go anywhere. Our efficiency allows us to test every machine on your network while your people continue to work. When a threat comes to life, it will open its eyes to an impenetrable cage.

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