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Network Design by ABSS Networks, Inc.

Since you are reading this, we’re willing to bet your business is expanding and it’s time to build a new computer network. It’s an advantageous position for sure. You’ve increased your income and can now increase your efficiency to match. For over 20 years, ABSS has been designing rugged, high performance networks for our clients in the Southern California region. We’re experts in all things IT, and understand that a robust network is your business’ backbone.

Scalable Networks

Large-sized, small-sized, and, well, let’s just call them “all-sized” – we’ll create one that works for your company today, tomorrow, and years from now. Take advantage of this fresh start with a network that can grow with your needs. We approach every design with the same goals; speed, reliability, security. Using the latest technologies from proven partners, ABSS can design and implement a network that will help business growth without IT being in the way.

Hardware Virtualization

Chances are you’ve heard the terms cloud, public cloud, private cloud, virtualization. We’re here to help. ABSS can help reduce your overall IT spend on hardware with virtualization technologies from VMWare, Microsoft, Xen and even Openstack. Server, workstation and even Virtual Desktop (VDI) technologies can help grow your business and increase functionality without draining your budget buying additional hardware. Let us design a virtualization plan that works for you.

Wireless Networking

ABSS can design a high speed wireless network that will extend coverage across your entire company, whether it’s a single floor office building or a large school campus. We work with industry leading technology brands to deliver rock-solid solutions to our customers.

WAN Connectivity

If you have a campus of buildings within a metro area that you need connectivity solutions for, talk to us. We can design a high speed point to point, mesh network utilizing line of sight, wireless radio, and ISP connectivity to link your locations to the same logical network.
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