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If you’re in charge of handling IT for a non-profit organization, we wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the following are true:

  • You have an aging or out-dated network
  • The cost to replace (or even just update) your network is believed to be too high
  • Operating on the existing network is getting more expensive every day
  • An IT disaster would spell, well, disaster.

Fortunately, there is another truth. If you are experiencing these problems, ABSS Computer Networks can assess your situation and come up with solutions that makes sense.

Equipment consolidation

It’s likely your existing network was built over a few years as your IT needs grew. Every additional server, workstation, and application made sense at the time. Now you’re faced with a collection of old machines running different operating systems that control outdated software. You’d like to update the whole lot at once but the cost to replace every computer with a new one is more than what you can spend. 

Your solution may lie in consolidation, replacing multiple machines with one. Maybe virtualization at your location will be the best. It could be that using offsite cloud-based computing would make even more sense. 

Ala carte services

In a perfect world, you could get everything replaced at once. In a real world, well, that might not be something you can authorize at this instant. If your non-profit organization lives in that real world, your solution could include ala carte services. Here’s the general idea:

  • Have us review components to determine which ones need attention now
  • Allow us to poll your staff and find out who needs what
  • We’ll discover if certain elements could do fine with adjustments
  • ABSS Computer Networks will recommend replacement when necessary


We solve problems that stem from trying to maintain your network with part-time support or self help. We understand the correct way to manage medical data. and protect the integrity of your systems. We are active in the evenings and on weekends because your doctors, staff, and patients need to have access and service every day at any moment.

For more information, call us today at (866) 479-6200