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When it comes to IT management, chances are good that you need more than you’ll get from one employee or a general purpose computer network service provider. No matter how proficient they may be, if they are not experienced in the medical field, they’re likely to make an error or two (or sixty-three). We imagine the last thing you want is a HIPAA violation or an employee who accidentally breaks a SOX rule.

Regulations and compliance

Work with a company that understands the risks and benefits when it comes to compliance. Work with ABSS Computer Networks, we know the acronyms:

  • HIPAA: We protect your patients’ privacy. We stay up-to-date on policies so you don’t get penalized for violations.
  • NCPDP: Put us on task to raise or keep your standards to a level that qualifies for ePrescribing.
  • EHR: Trust us to keep in line with CCHIT guidelines so you can take advantage of EHR certification. This allows not only for ARRA EHR stimulus money, but the ability to save on paper and storage costs because, well, you’re using EHR.
  • JCAHO: If you’re paying too much to have a pharmacist in-house 24 hours a day, consider using Virtual Private Networking (VPN) as a cost-saving solution. Ask us how.
  • SOX: We’ll design a system that makes it easy to follow three rules defined by Sarbanes-Oxley when it comes to the management of electronic records.

Data protection

Trust us to take security seriously. We use advanced hardware firewalls to prevent malicious content from getting in or out. We apply patch management across every piece of equipment in your network. Our ABSS NetSecure experts conduct vulnerability testing and assessment to minimize external and internal threats – even if they’re dormant.

Data backup and restoration

Work with us to save every bit of medical data you can. Our network specific onsite backup and world-wide offsite backup with DataVault are designed with your specific needs in mind. Restoration is simultaneously secure and easy. If you have your unique security key and access to the internet, you can initiate file restoration at any time.


We solve problems that stem from trying to maintain your network with part-time support or self help. We understand the correct way to manage medical data. and protect the integrity of your systems. We are active in the evenings and on weekends because your doctors, staff, and patients need to have access and service every day at any moment.

For more information, call us today at (866) 479-6200