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If you control a new institution or one that’s looking to expand, you know the rules and restrictions imposed upon you. When it comes to your technology, go with an In-sourced IT company that understands how you must operate. Go with ABSS Computer Networks.


The Federal Reserve Board spells things out with clarity: “…a financial institution should review the structure of its computer network to determine how its computers are accessible from outside the institution. If the computer systems are connected to the Internet or any outside party, an institution’s assessment should address the reasonably foreseeable threats posed by that connectivity.”. We follow regulatory guidelines. It’s as simple as that.


Count on us to stay up-to-date with the NCUA’s Information Service and Technology (IS&T) Examination Program. We review your union’s computer networking systems with intense focus on audit, information technology, member services, and security.

Data protection

Trust us to take security seriously. We do it with sophisticated hardware firewalls that keep malicious content from getting in or out. We do it with patch management on every component in your network. We do it with vulnerability testing and assessment conducted by our ABSS NetSecure experts. They test to eliminate external, internal, and dormant threats.

Data backup and restoration

Work with us to save every bit of financial data you can. Our custom onsite and global offsite backup with DataVault are designed with your specific needs in mind. Data restoration is easy and secure at the same time. As long as you have internet access and your security key, your restoration can be initiated any time.


We solve problems that stem from trying to get by with part-time support or self help. We define the right way to protect your systems and manage your data. We are there in the evenings or on weekends because your financial clients expect access and service every day at any moment.

For more information, call us today at (866) 479-6200